Here’s what people are saying about us!

It’s a great way to get some basics and make the learning process enjoyable. Well organized session really tailored to each individual’s comfort and ability. Fabulous instructor!

“I’m really thankful to have Richard as an instructor who was very informative and patient at the same time.”

Natural progression of skills as well as recognizing where our skills were and building the sessions to support us.

“Richard was an amazing and patient instructor.”

Richard ran through the cirriculum and identified where I needed help. After giving me some direction we walked through one of the trails that I was struggling with and helped me tackle tricky sections. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much in 2 hours.

“Richard was a great instructor. He acted like a true coach, showing confidence in us when we were unsure of ourselves. Sometimes you need that, especially when initially the thoughts of some features may be terrifying. He did an awesome job.”

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