Private Lessons

Based on our successful Mountain Biking Foundations series, our private lessons will provided you one-to-one instruction tailored to your riding abilities and goals.

Our PMBI trained & certified instructor will provide you their undivided attention and highly focused instruction – all designed according to your personal goals and pace.

  • Private lesson – 2hrs long and cost $75.
  • Semi-Private lesson – an additional participant can be added for a $30 fee.
  • Foundations course – 3 x 2hr lessons – $165.
    • Potential topics that can be covered are:
      • stance and balance, gearing, braking, climbing, descending, wheel lifts, cornering and rollable drops.
  • Mountain Biking Skills Refresher – 2hrs lesson – $75.
    • Suitable for past participants in The Learning Curve Mountain Biking’s sessions, provides review of skills and opportunity for further practice and feedback. 

To request a session, click here.

Contact us at with other questions.

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